About us

“Creating your dream home, with a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality within the scope of a sustainable living vision – that is our starting point”
Inge Caes

Founded in 2004 by Levi Dewaegenaere, Urban Capital Group specialises in the development and sale of carefully selected real-estate projects at prime locations or top-quality locations to be, which are an added value to the surrounding area, residents and investors. We focus on medium-sized and large residential developments, often in combination with commercial spaces and/or offices.

Sustainability and customer orientation are the core values by means of which every project is transformed into a genuine “lifestyle”

Sustainable development is our speciality. Over the past years, Urban Capital Group has increasingly focused on low-energy and passive building projects – each project boasts exceptional energy ratings. In addition, we focus on using sustainability-certified finishing materials and collaboration partners. As a result, we not only contribute to a smaller ecological footprint; your health and quality of life also benefit from the fact that we avoid using toxic adhesives, paints and building materials as much as possible. This sustainable vision of ours transcends the purely architectural level. To us, it is also synonymous with “longevity”. A living and/or working project is only successful if it complies with today’s standards and takes into account tomorrow’s needs.

Urban Capital Group guarantees a personal approach and customer orientation that go beyond the usual services. The standard basic budgets for your finishing choices are high, our passionate interior team assists you from the start to well beyond the completion of a project. Thus, as the new resident, you will enjoy personalised assistance throughout the entire process. As an investor, you can be sure of a maximum return on your real-estate investment.

“We develop a sustainable living experience, tailored to each buyer”
Inge Caes


Our organisation consists of a multidisciplinary team of ambitious and experienced people with a similar vision and drive. Their knowledge, creativity and passion are the basis for our successful and sustainable projects. By collaborating with committed architects, design offices and building partners that share our philosophy, everyone contributes to the ‘added value’ of a project, in his own field.


Levi Dewaegenaere

Founder & CEO

Inge Caes

Commercial & Development Director

Lotte Cornelis

Project Developer

Robin Peeters

Junior Developer

Mercina Van den Heuvel

Office Manager

“Design is where science and art break even”