Urban interiors

Urban Capital Group goes the extra mile when it comes to your living environment. A project is more than a promising presentation and nice 3D images. We focus strongly on personal assistance and inspiration of our customers, paying a great deal of attention to design and custom finishing.

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”

As a buyer, you can count on our complete assistance, starting with changes to the floor plan, the choice of materials and finishing level, up to and including the personalisation of the planned systems and technologies. In short, Urban Capital Group advises and helps you with its eye for detail, in every phase of the building process.

To accomplish this, we have developed an interior decoration model, based on 5 ‘interior moods’. In consultation with our interior designer, your apartment or house will be decorated in the mood, or “lifestyle”, that you or your family identifies with and in which all the elements are each other’s natural component. From the choice of your floors to your kitchen and, if so desired, the painting and wallpapering work up to and including the selection & delivery of your furniture, as a separate job. You can choose from 5 mood concepts, which all exude a different atmosphere and can be implemented in accordance with your wishes: Urban Minimal if you prefer stylistic simplicity, Urban Natural if you love natural, ecological elements, Urban Chic if it can’t be exclusive enough, Urban Cottage if your prefer a country style and Urban Vintage if you like an eclectic style.

Urban Minimal

The clean and trendy Urban Minimal style represents breath-taking beauty with a contemporary, fresh and balanced character, dominated by black and white.


Urban Natural

The pure Urban Natural interior is cosy, harmonious and relaxing, with natural and soft earth tones.

Urban Chic

Urban Chic reflects toughness and exclusivity, in perfect balance with a loungy atmosphere, subtleness and luxury.

Urban Cottage

Urban Cottage brings country living to live, in a contemporary manner. Natural materials and a harmonious interplay of antique and contemporary elements characterise this new homely atmosphere.

Urban Vintage

Urban Vintage combines pure, precious shapes and materials in typical vintage tones and colour accents into a harmonious interior, in which authentic and pure elements form an eclectic, timeless whole.